Father James Martin a Jesuit priest

Knowledge is the sword of truth!

Father Martin Jesuit priest on StarTalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson


Father Martin and maybe all Jesuit Priest is a unique person in that he believes as do I, in Creation and Evolution and also believes that God (Kiehtan) is in charge of both.

Donna talked me into watching Cosmos a space time odyssey and I talked her into watching The Big Bang Theory, we are both now junkies or at least was on Cosmos to its ending so, why not StarTalk?

As a Native American Spiritual Teacher trying to help keep our ancestors words alive in print about my people (Mohiigan) and a Believer in the Son of God (Kiehtan) I did enjoy watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Cosmos and only had a few disagreement.

(1)- What is on the other side of the Black Hole?


(2)- Genesis Chapter 1 come to mind.

I like reading King James Version and earlier writings and find that both (1) and (2) are the most in dispute with believers and non believers.

Tyson and no one else including yours truly, cannot prove or dis prove what is on the other side of this “Black Hole?

I for one am OK with this?

God said Genesis chapter one and  people state a time period on “Mother Earth”

God did not!


It is taking time to get into “STARTALK” that is until last night that is.

Last night Neil DeGrasse Tyson had a Jesuit priest, Father James Martin on the show and it is the first time in all the times watching that Neil Tyson could not get away with cutting off the guest with his own thinking.

Not only that Father Martin one up-ended him all through the show.

Knowledge is the sword of truth!

Cosmos a space time odyssey


The Big Bang Theory


StarTalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson


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