Pope to bishops:

Pope to bishops:

Stop ordering faithful around


Pope Francis has told bishops to strongly denounce corruption and to act more like pastors than “pilots” telling the faithful what to do. Francis’ strong words were aimed at members of the Italian bishops’ conference, who opened their annual meeting at the Vatican on Monday. Francis, who is also the bishop of Rome, urged his bishops to be more Christ-like in showing humility, compassion, mercy and wisdom. He told them to not shy away from denouncing the “diffuse mentality” of public and private corruption that he said impoverished families, honest workers and retirees, while marginalizing the neediest and depriving young people of hope. Italy is rife with corruption scandals, and its youth unemployment rate stands at 43 percent. Francis asked the bishops to reinforce the “indispensable role” of ordinary folk in their dioceses. “In reality, lay people who have an authentic Christian formation shouldn’t need a bishop-pilot, or a monsignor-pilot, or clerical input to assume their responsibilities at every level, from political to social, economic to legislative,” he said. “Rather, what they all need is a Bishop Pastor!” He complained that often official church documents are too heavy on doctrine and theory “as if our orientation isn’t aimed at our people and country but rather students and specialists.” Francis has complained about an over-emphasis on doctrine and “small-minded rules” and lamented that theologians can get in the way of the church’s evangelizing work. On Monday, he urged bishops to make sure their documents “are translated in concrete and comprehensible proposals.” Francis also complained that the church often organizes conferences where “the same voices” are heard over and over, an apparent reference to the practice of hosting only like-minded speakers at church-sponsored academic conferences. Francis said such a practice “drugs the community, homogenizing choices, opinions and people.” He urged bishops to instead go “where the Holy Spirit asks them to go.”


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2 thoughts on “Pope to bishops:

  1. Kentucky Angel

    This man is the one we have needed for so long to clean up the Vatican. The Cardinals hate him because he not only lives the life of a poor person, rather than a rich one, living in splendor in the Vatican, but he moved them all out of their luxury apartments also. I’m a cradle Catholic, and I’ve been so disgusted with my church for so long because of the luxurious lives they have lived since the days of the Medici family, where the Papacy was handed down from father to son, like from king to prince. There is so much wrong when a church built on teaching the way of a homeless person (Jesus Christ) becomes supported by so much accumulated wealth. And every time I walked into my church, someone would ask for money to support foreign missions. No. When the person living next door to me doesn’t have bread on his table, I support him, not someone in another country, where the money is hijacked by terrorists before it gets to the hungry people. If the child across the street goes to bed without food, and on to school without lunch, that child gets my food as well as clothing, not a child in another country where it will be stolen and used by terrorists. Call me crazy, but my charity begins and ends here, at home, where we also have poverty, hunger, unemployment. And how on earth did I get here from there?

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