Why do all women

Getting this off of my chest and it is the time to do so.

It has taking me all of 75 years to learn what most of the men in the world will never learn.

One should not, because one cannot and will not ever be able to understand women, because women do not want men to figure out women?

Some women cannot even figure out themselves.

Just about the time a man thinks and there is the first problem, (thinks) that he has a handle on a women he learns another embarrassing setback!

For instance, A man will walk into a bar wearing new cloths that he just spent all of 1/2 buying at Wal-Mart, half of the men in the bar will be wearing the same cloths, head for the bartender and setup drinks for everyone.

His wife will walk into that same bar wearing a $500.00 dress from Saks Fifth Avenue and see one other women wearing that same dress, walk back out go home change and be back in an hour or two?

Only she and God knows what happened to the dress?

Many women in the south and even some northern states still are not protected by the ERA and still doing the same job as the man working next to her and doing so for less than this man even with many years seniority over him?

Women that are protected, making good salary and even a boss still do not care about women in need of their help, why?

It is a puzzlement!

And these women, Gay women and women undocumented voted for President Obama and not for Hillary,


Because she in a women!

Republican underpaid, poor, undocumented, and/or middle-class women, point to a person in your political party with Hillary’s record of hard work for you and yours?

Be truthful please.

President Obama and family will be voting for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has worked and worked hard for women, the poor and the middle-class for almost all of her life and has for all of her career because she loved, learned from and obeyed her mother and her mother’s love for women, the poor and the middle-class.

In 2008 Hillary was leading all polls for the democrats until the last few months when women of all race turned on her?

Will this also happen in 2016?

Who now or in the future is talking as did Hillary in New York?


People talk about ending the Clinton – Bush Dynasty?

We had only one Clinton as president and he left office with a large surplus

quickly turning into a very large deficit by a Bush in office!

Will this year be déjà vu?

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