Who is running the Treasury Department?

My better half keeps telling me to write something nice and I keep saying, “I am trying however, this is the USA and news is news in this country?”

And the news in this country by our news media is almost always bad news!

Was this just another slap in the face of indigenous peoples by a white supremacist group.


Anti-Slavery Hamilton Gets Pushed Off The $10 Bill, While Genocidal Slaver Jackson Stays On The $20


Now that nobody uses cash, a woman will finally get a spot on a dollar bill.

The tragedy, though, is which bill. Instead of pushing aside pro-slavery, genocidal President Andrew Jackson, the Treasury Department has decided to sideline the first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, to make way for a yet-to-be named woman.

Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, was a strong opponent of slavery, and was an early member of the New York Manumission Society, an abolitionist group that organized boycotts against merchants connected to the slave trade and lobbied for legislation abolishing the institution.

Andrew Jackson, meanwhile, a War of 1812 hero, was a slave owner.

Even more perniciously, Jackson carried out an “Indian removal” policy as president.

Much of his popularity before the presidency came from his many wars against Native Americans some of them, including an invasion of Florida,

done illegally.

Leave it to our government to even foolishly mess up a $10.00 and a $20.00 bill!

The whole country wants to remove the Butcher of Washington from the $20.00 so what does this government do?

Update the $10.00 bill of course!

Wonder why we still have a race problem in this country?

It starts at the top and flows down to the gun carrying evil killers of un armed innocent people in a Church, Synagogue and Mosque.


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