Nestle Inc the billion dollar company

Bottle water companies charge around $1.00 a gallon for their water, Nestle is pumping billions of gallons of water a day and in many places where they should be shut down because of lack of water in the state, one would think that ‘The very least they can do is make their bottled water, spring or not, safe to drink!”

FOURTEEN bottled water brands are recalled over E. coli concerns – including Shoprite, Shaw and Wegman’s own-brand labels

The other brands are Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet, 7-11, Niagara, Nature’s Place, Price rite, Morning Fresh, Super chill, Western Beef Blue.

Niagara Bottling says the operator of a spring in Pennsylvania failed to quickly declare the presence of the bug there, RIGHT!

Remember California?

Nestle Inc is at it again, this time in their own state of California!

California may run out of water by as early as 2016, according to NASA senior scientist Jay Famiglietti. While cities across the state have started rationing, Nestle continues to bottle 400 million gallons annually, mostly for sale out of state. In response, outraged residents formed a blockade outside Nestle’s Sacramento bottling plant Friday morning to shut down operations.

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