U.S. sues BAE Systems unit

Another company selling to our military under the faults guise of ‘Made in the USA!’

Another crooked company stealing your tax dollars!

U.S. sues BAE Systems unit for overcharging for military trucks

BAE Systems Inc, the U.S. unit of London-based BAE Systems Plc!

The government has filed a lawsuit against a defense contractor, alleging a Texas supplier of military trucks charged the Army too much money.

The lawsuit filed Thursday names BAE Systems Tactical Vehicle Systems of Sealy, Texas. The company is accused of making false claims while getting a $2 billion contract for 8,400 trucks and 1,600 trailers in 2008.

The government says the Army could have saved more than $40 million if price quotes for parts or labor were accurate. Detroit U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade says it’s “akin to charging $600 for a hammer.”

BAE Systems Tactical is a subsidiary of BAE Systems in Arlington, Virginia. An email seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

The lawsuit was filed in Detroit federal court. An Army contracting office is in suburban Detroit.


U.S. sues BAE Systems unit for overcharging for military trucks


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