Can Republican/Democrats get elected in Florida?

The only Democrats that can get elected in this state lately are Republican Reject!

The only Democrat running for the late Senator Rubio’s senate seat was a Republican turned Democrat, Mr. Murphy.

This is why our country is in desperate need of proven hard workers for the people like Mr. Grayson.

Oh, Marco Rubio is still alive?

I didn’t know because it has been so long since he was in Florida doing the job that we are paying him to do?


The Democratic party in Florida and around the country for that matter, need to get themselves out of


And get some schooling on what Floridians and the rest of this country need and are crying,

“NAY, Begging-For!”

Alan Grayson is their answer but will they ever wake up and smell the roses?

Grayson’s expected to be primary opponent in the Democratic Party, will be former Republican Murphy, who also supported the Keystone Pipeline.

So, it’s game on Grayson, go get him!

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