Jeb Bush as with Bernie Sanders

Remember the 2008 (CHANGE) bumper stickers?

Same old Same old!

Remember my past post on Senator Bernie Sanders?

Checks and Balance

You see Mr. Bush, because of checks and balances in our government, you can do none of those things you have stated below without the permission of congress.

And as of this speech of yours, you are of their hit list!

“Good Luck with that!”

Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders are just a couple of Professional Politicians spewing the same old tried and true Proper-gander and you are buying it, Again?

(“used the speech to push for a handful of policy proposals he said will clean up Washington”)

President can only propose congress might not act!

(“outlining a plan to blunt elected officials’ ability to get rich by leaving office and quickly turning around to lobby their former colleagues”)

“Good Luck with that!”

(“Bush delivered the roughly 30-minute speech to a room stocked with more than 200 allies, many of whom worked in his administration before transitioning to the lobbying firms that line Tallahassee’s downtown streets”)

(“Bush highlighted lobbying reforms he signed while he was in office”)

Reforms and highlight’s and not a law, are a request!

(“He called for federal lobbying reforms, including forcing members of Congress to post any meetings with lobbyists online, and extending to six years a ban on members leaving office and becoming lobbyists”)

Good Luck with that Jeb!”

(“If I am elected president, I will use all of my influence to enact into law an immediate, unequivocal six-year ban on lobbying — a full Senate term — for ex-members of the House and Senate,”)

As president your influence and $5.00 might get you a cup of coffee in Washington?

(“Bush slashed the state workforce by 13,000 workers — or about 11 percent — in his eight years in office”)

Is this something to brag about from Floridians starving and begging for work?

(“Bush also boasted of his heavy veto pen as governor, having vetoed over $2 billion in state spending, which earned him the nickname “Veto Corleone.”)

Floridians are still suffering because of you and your pen and now we have a “Jeb Bush” Clone!

2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (R-FL) gave the first in a series of policy addresses in which he outlined his domestic priorities if elected president. He focused on his budgetary record as Florida governor, priorities for reducing government spending, reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs, and improving the economy. He spoke at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Most of those cuts had been employees that were in critical services,” said Democrat Dan Gelber, who served in the House from 2001 to 2008, in an interview before the speech. “Florida has always been austere. We did not have a lot of staff before the cuts.”

Though he racked up large numbers of vetoes, the size of the Florida’s overall budget did grow from roughly $50 billion during Bush’s first year in office to $71 billion when he left in 2007.

Bush said as president he would push for a balanced budget amendment, saying he had “balanced Florida’s budget” for eight consecutive years. (Florida politicians regularly tout a balanced budget on the stump, without mentioning that the state constitution requires a balanced budget.)

Bush also cited improvements to the state’s child welfare system while he was in office, including changes spurred by the death of 4-year-old Rilya Wilson, was a foster child in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

She disappeared in 2000, but DCF did not notice she was missing until 2002. Her death prompted the “Rilya Wilson Act,” a 2003 law that required children in state custody enrolled in an early learning program to attend that program five days per week. An unreported absence now prompts a DCF home visit.

“Working with the Florida legislature we stepped up our commitment to community-based care and made the system much more responsive,” Bush said.

But Gelber, who served as the House’s top Democrat just after Bush’s tenure, said the deep cuts across state government had contributed to a dangerous lack of oversight at the agency. (A Miami Herald investigation in 2014 found that 477 children whose cases had some contact with the department had died since 2008, the year after Bush left office.)

“I don’t know how anyone can point to hundreds, maybe thousands, dying without regretting not having that oversight,” said Gelber.

Bush did not meet with reporters after the speech. Aides said they were “crunched for time,” but would not elaborate on the candidate’s schedule

You see Mr. Bush, because of checks and balances in our government, you can do none of those things without the permission of congress.

And as of today’s speech of yours you are of their hit list!

“Good Luck with that!”

All bills formally originate in the House.

(The President or the Senate can propose legislation, but unless the house introduces it, it goes nowhere.)

Once they pass it, it goes to the Senate.

If the Senate approves the same version, it goes to the White House for signature.

If the Senate modifies the bill, it goes back to the House for reconsideration and if they don’t agree to the changes then it goes to committee to resolve the differences.

Once the House and Senate have both passed the same version, it’s off to the White House.

checks and balances

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