Dinosaurs and diaper toddler Tea party newbie

I love what Sir Donald of New York is doing to the old Dinosaurs and diaper toddler Tea party newbie in congress.

However, if the Donald does become president of the country it will be no laughing matter!

Let’s face it, the only thing that Trump has ever given besides a lot of lip is ‘his opinion!’

If you disagree with him he dumps his wallet getting back at you?

He did not get his own plane, yacht and mansion because of giving away?

He has sent many a politicians like Florida’s ‘child boy tea party wonder’ into their closets licking their wounds and this can only be a good thing!

He has stomped on and over most of the old Dinosaurs and if the rest blink it will be their necks next!

You see, the old Dinosaurs are use to telling the voters what they know the voters want to hear to get elected even knowing that they are not able to give, then do whatever the billionaires and millionaires want, after all they still have an expensive up keep on their Yachts and mansions you know?





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