Should Fast Food Workers Get $15 Per Hour?

As per usual there are at least two trains of thought on this subject.

When governors like the one in Florida claim that the job market is vastly improving in his state

and in fact the only jobs being opened in the state are in the fast food market,

the answer is (Yes) at the very least $15 per hour.


Then again when the fast food handlers cannot fill a simple order,

how much should he/she be making?

Hundreds of McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast food employees want higher wages.

What Do McDonald’s Workers Really Make Per Hour?

After a long trip to Orlando for a doctor’s appointment in the new VA we just wanted a quick meal to take to the room.

As we have done many times in and around our area we stopped at Popeye’s for our usual one piece chicken breast meal, simple right?

Not in Orlando!

At the strip not more than a block from the airport we ran into the first people travelers from around the world might deal with!

The first person could not understand this simple order so we tried the window, only to hear,

“Sorry we do not have your order!”

In other words we must pay more for a mixed order?

So, we left for Church’s Chicken a block past,

same response?

On the next trip out and on the way back was a stop at McDonalds for her usual ice cream, the sign was on the menu however, the person behind the squeaky speaker could not fill the order so one again to the window we go only to be told,

“We do not have ice cream?”

One block down McDonalds again the order was perfect?

How many of these fast food workers should earn $15 per hour?


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