I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created!

As with this promise, not many other promises he is making will be kept either.

As the days inched closer to his arrival in Mobile, Alabama,

Donald Trump was promising the largest crowd of the campaign season so far.


Unfortunately for the billionaire real estate mogul, he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise.

Someone is breaking wind out of his mouth?

Donald Trump promised a crowd of 42,000 in Alabama, less than half showed up


As with our Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and every republican hopeful

with the possible exception of one,

Donald Trump can do nothing without the approval of congress and as it stands now, our congress hates Donald Trump almost as much as they hate our president, President Obama!

The other day someone asked me this question,

“How did the Nazi Party and their president ever come into power over all of Germany?”

Thinking about this I searched my poor old brain back to my school history lessons.

If I miss anything I would love help from my history buff friends/followers?

Adolf Hitler and his Gestapo Nazi party came along while Germany was still trying to recover from Kaiser Wilhelm II’s World War I (WWI ).

Adolf Hitler promised food, riches and a better life to a starving German People.

Adolf Hitler found a group of German’s that were easy to pick on and pick on he did!

Adolf Hitler kept telling the German People that all of their problems would be solved if they removed those Jews!

Adolf Hitler preached this day and day after day until the German People started to believe this lie!

Every time anyone would contradict Adolf Hitler he would constantly chastise that person in public for days!

The Jews were dirt poor and pushed out of every country.

So they learned how to work hard and save money and this helped to make them an easy target for Adolf Hitler’s lies.

Anything starting to sound familiar?

This country is still, trying to recover from two past wars, mainly because of our debunked congress.

Immigrants have been coming into this country for years because of a promised on a plaque at the Statue of Liberty.

For years no one complained while these immigrants were doing jobs that our people would not do and doing so cheaper, if paid at all!

Now that our debunked congress is refusing to do their jobs and help to re-build our work force, our people want their jobs instead of removing those useless congress people from office and replacing them with real humans!


The only wannabe presidential hopeful that may work with our debunked congress will do so only if it pleases his “Masters!”

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