What is wrong with our V.A.?

Can we all vote on congress getting the same pay as the V.A. doctors and nurses and also take away their ability to get money from the thousands of Lobbyist?

I did not get much time on my computer yesterday because of an appointment with my Primarily care doctor, a scheduled appointment at the V.A.

This is my 7th Primarily care doctor since moving to central Florida and each time the new doctor is so loaded down with extra patients that it takes hours to be seen and minutes to be rushed out the door!

The visit to the nurse, 1 1/2 minutes

with the statement, “All of my questions are Yes or No answers, ONLY!”

Visit with doctor 3 1/2 minutes!

At least I think that he was a doctor?

Two of those minutes was because I needed this doctor to find one very important prescription for my eyes lost somewhere in the shuffle?



Think about this if you will, although there was one WW-2 veteran stuck in the mix, back in our war, Vietnam Veterans were beat up, spit on, tossed paint and/or blood on, or a rock to the head, while being called “Baby Killers!”

Now lately the congress in this country

‘The United States of America,’

is doing the ultimate abuse to their service men and women!

Pease do not embarrass yourself by saying anything about the trivial amount of money that congress, after it came back from another of their mini vacations and being paid what amounts to triple time and a half, because they did not want to vote on our healthcare, social security, Medicare and Medicaid  and just walked out the doors!

Some of those people in V.A. clinics and hospitals gave there arm, arms, leg, legs, mind, body and or lives so that this congress can give themselves a hefty raise and perfect insurance!

This Congress has cut so much spending to the Veterans that the V.A. cannot keep good doctors or nurses!

Can you blame doctors and nurses?

I am not complaining so much for me however, many veterans work, their time is important, everyone in the building was hot under the collar, I had a driver (Donna) and our baby (Breanna) in the car on a hot muggy rainy day, because the normal scheduled visit usually only took minutes.

I am still not comfortable driving after the accident and yesterday was the first day back to school for Lake County so she drives.

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