Your Robin hood governor hard at work!

Well, as usual he doesn’t quite get it?

He is

Taking from the poor and giving to the rich once again.

Petition to protect Payne’s Prairie Florida

To be delivered to The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

Hands off Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. We, the undersigned, will not allow the privatization of our public land. We stand firmly against Governor Scott’s plan to encourage private business to rent our State Parks for grazing cattle or growing trees. We urge you to stand against special interests and work to preserve not privatize!

Images of the Payne’s Prairie State Park Florida

Governor Rick Scott has now taken the park away from the public and is given it to ranchers.

Just as his Stacked,

St. John River Management Committee did with Silver Springs and we just keep allowing him to do so?

If you have never been to Payne’s Prairie, go now

while you can still walk around without stepping on cow chips

and in need of a nose plug, it is too late for Silver Springs State Park!

Images of the silver river state park monkeys

Just like his Stacked, Fish and Wildlife Committee?

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