Koch Brothers sell their political puppets.

Koch Brothers Enterprise is starting to sell off their political puppets.

One down and only 16 to go!

A time to once again right this sinking ship, turn it around and head for the land of surplus over all of this stagnation and debt!

Actually if you stop and think about it, any forward movement in this government would be a breath of fresh air and a stimulating effect of our economy?

Think about it, if the Super Packs and the Koch Brothers sell enough of their lobbyists, puppets and politicians we the people along with our ‘people friendly political party’ could start to move and improve this country.

Building bridges, repairing our roadways, re-building our manufacturing, our factories and getting out from under so many corrupt power companies, (gas & oil companies).


Instead of building extremely expensive wall around this country, after all will we stop at Mexico, we need to “Get our people back to work,” and this includes our politicians and work on ways to improve at helping our visitors become taxpaying citizens much quicker!

Empires being walled for defense and for offence started in the Mesopotamia with, I believe Jericho?

Not one wall is still in use working.


The selling of a politician


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