Man involved in fiery crash that killed infant, 3 had suspended license

Remember the crash that put me into the hospital on March 31st?

It was settled, sort of, this past Monday after a long drive to court last month

only to fine out that he got it postponed!

He has a list of citations, as the judge said, “as long as his arm!”

Follow-up after this story.

FHP told WESH Channel 2 News co-anchor Jason Guy,  that the man involved in the fiery crash that killed an infant and 2 others had suspended license from September 1st!

JASON GUY WESH 2 News co-anchor also found out that 24 year old James Dameron has been sited 8 times for unlawful speeding since last October 1st and a felony charge for Meth Possession and yet he is still out of jail and now killed a complete family!

Troopers told Channel 2 that Dameron’s license was suspended on September 1, but did not say why.

They said he was wearing a seatbelt and alcohol wasn’t a factor in the crash?

Can you say,


My Story

I was not going to write about my final day in court because of the accident where this man put me into the hospital and the fact that I reported to everyone including two police officers that he tried to leave the scene of the accident!

Except my guy has another time to kill someone thanks to a forgetful COP!

The police officer on scene did not come to court, the state police that handed me my bible, paperwork, medicine pouch and briefcase did.


Yes, I did tell him also that the driver tried to leave the scene only I had to chase him down!

Because he got an attorney, it was handed to the judge as an improper lane change $195.00 fine.

Until I had my day in court!

However, the police officer at the scene did not show in court and the one that came to the hospital with my paperwork did not report what I said about him leaving the scene or that I ended up in the hospital,

guess it was his


The judge, a great and honest judge, apologized because his hands are tied with what was handed to him.

However, he did extend the fine to the largest allowed and has the driver going to driving school!

The judge thanked me and I thanked him.

The attorney thanked me and I lit into him with all of the furry I could muster and as polite, while still in court, reminded this “Bottom-Feeder'” that the next time his client just might kill someone!

The only things lower then a Bottom- Feeding Lawyer is an Insurance Company Lire!

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