Florida State’s Attorney Pam Bondi’s “Big, Little, Secret?”

If one is willing to dig and dig hard through all of the Fluff, you will be surprised at what you may find!


Now she is flooding the air ways and road ways with her photo and Human Trafficking?


May 21, 2015 … Bill Nelson (D) of Florida, with bipartisan support, Earlier bills, one to help victims of human trafficking.


Roll Call S.178


WASHINGTON — Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) on Tuesday threatened to do “everything possible to have a floor fight” if President Barack Obama undercuts pending trade legislation to combat human trafficking.

“Human trafficking — modern-day slavery — is one of the great moral challenges of our time,” Menendez said during a conference call with reporters. He touted an amendment he authored that would deny trade perks to governments that tolerate egregious human trafficking offenses.

The Menendez language has become a significant battleground in Obama’s quest to secure congressional approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade pact the administration is negotiating with 11 other nations.

Although Obama has insisted that TPP will be

“the most progressive trade deal in history” with robust labor protections, he has opposed Menendez’s efforts on human trafficking.






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