“Crime Does Pay and pay very well!”

Planned Parenthood, to go or not to go that is the question?

Defunding Planned Parenthood has become a shibboleth for Republican presidential aspirants:

As a legislator or governor, you can’t stand as a credible candidate unless you’ve defunded the organization in your state or voted to do so.


A phony film clip!


Every Republican Congressperson, both men and women have the same words for the film clips (proven doctored-up film clips and an amateur job at that) about Planned Parenthood?

Words like,

could be, might be, maybe, might have been, could have been and last but by no means least the old faithful saying,

“There are thousands of federal programs to help women in need, if we could only end Planned Parenthood?”

Problem, not one congressperson has named one other program, let alone one that even comes close to the quality of help from Planned Parenthood!

The old adage might apply to this?

“If you cannot beat them fair and square, lie through your teeth!”

It’s time for Carly Fiorina to apologize to Planned Parenthood


And Carly is not the only one!

It is horrible enough knowing that the millionaire and billionaire Koch Brothers and the thousands of Super-Packs, along with their partners in congress made their ill-gotten gains on the backs of the middleclass and the poor!

Now knowing that this alone did not please them enough, they wish to starve out the two classes to boot?

Why, who will they abuse next?

Stay-tuned to the next series,

“Crime Does Pay and pay very well!”

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