Malicious Code in your Apple Story!

Did you understand what just happened to your iPod?

X Code Ghost infiltrated 344

Apple Security Breach reported

The report is

“Developers in China were fooled into using Software Tools which added Malicious Code!”


They were not fooled, it happened because there is no one to look over their shoulder to make sure the work is,


We need our work back in this country to help keep an eye on hundreds of our companies selling our people thousands of inferior products made outside of this country for outrageous prices!

Actually if you think about it

“Next to nothing is made in this country and if you call our companies for help, you will get someone in another country where English is third language, with a translator book on ways to fool you into thinking that they can actually help you!”

This countries companies are farming out our work to what obviously is overly inferior companies in other countries, many other countries, this time one of the Communist Country Company!

And we the voters in this country are still allowing this to go on?

What’s to stop them the next time adding software to steal your security information?

Apple I Pad

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