Thank-you my twitter friends

Well I am so happy to read on my Twitter site that some of my Obama supporters are at last finding out about Hillary’s ‘phony rival’,

Bernie Sanders and what his real thinking about our country and her people is!

Yes, when I voted, I voted for the whole Obama family dog and all, of course at the time there was only one dog.

Truth be known and I’ll say this until I have no more breath to speak.

Bernie Sanders is an old man with the old political way of thinking about our country.

And the old thinking is what President Obama, President Clinton, President Carter and Madam President, have been fighting against for far too many years.

Because that old man’s thinking was, is and will always be, bad for this country and the world and good for the rich in this country only!

Thank-you my twitter friends, “Keep it coming!”

Together we will eventually clean up this corruption in the political arena and get the country back on the right track!

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