Let’s get this train back on the tracks?

As long as the republicans in congress are so willing to hand the office of the president over to the most qualified democrat.

No, I do not mean a socialist, turned democrat, turned republican, turned independent, turned democrat, turned socialist and whatever is next!

I mean a God fearing, believer in God’s plan for this country, the world, the down trotted , the poor, the middle-class, small business person and yes, even the large business person, this includes our friends coming from other countries.

A person that has been a democratic champion for all, for many years, once she saw the light so many years ago.

This might be a perfect time for these same republicans in congress to get off their lazy useless butts and hand their seats over to others willing to join progress as opposed to fighting progress?

And join Madam President in correcting so many past mistakes.

Maybe, just maybe we can get this super-train back on the tracks and moving forward?


Should we allow the Trump to hook on after the Caboose?

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