John Ellis Bush (Jeb) newest ad 

To spend what money you have left to point out that the republican controlled congress, in his own words

(the law makers),

are solely responsible for the decline of the country was foolish to say the least?

On the eve of Wednesday’s GOP debate, a new ad from the Bush campaign avoids targeting the Republican candidates who are beating him in the polls.

By Peter Grier, Staff writer October 28, 2015

“Hillary is not a moderate” comes up on screen.

Then there are quick cuts of punditry and Clinton speeches

intended to tie her directly to her former boss

and charge that she would be a third term for Barack Obama.

My answer to this ad!

I put it to you my friends, “what would you rather have, a 3rd term President Obama that is pulling this country out of the quagmire of republican turmoil


a 3rd Bush once again quickly chocking this country back into debt with a few more

‘Super-Pack controlled wars’?”

Jeb, Forrest Gump, Bush!

Stupid is as Stupid does?

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