Rocky Mountain Snooze

And the contestant that was the winner of the third Republican debate was,

“Marco Rubio?”

Leave it to the Huffington Post to forget the biggest truth?

Rocky Mountain Snooze: The Third 2016 GOP Debate

Although the Boulder debate offered few climactic moments, it did produce its share of winners and losers.

Marco Rubio turned in his third solid debate performance in a row, showing no fear as he took on both Jeb Bush and the CNBC questioners.

Rubio brings two important skills to the debate arena:

a talent for deflecting incoming attacks and an alertness to his opportunities.

Rubio’s performance is consistently animated, and he projects an air of belonging on the debate stage that his competitors would do well to study.

If there is a chink in Rubio’s armor as a debater, it is that his rhetoric too often devolves into glibness.

Rubio is at his best when he is extemporizing, because he reacts very effectively in the moment.

By contrast, when he lapses into his memorized sound bites, he sounds phony.

For a candidate with a particular need to project gravitas, an aura of insincerity is the last thing Rubio needs to saddle himself with.

I say!

Young inexperienced baby boy Jeb Bush was correct in what he said,

until he wet his pants and cowered under to Rubio’s assault!

“Senator?” Marco Rubio must quit, be fired, or (God Forbid) do his job, Period!

It is a sad state of affairs in this country to think that our media choose him today as the republican contestant running to be our next president as winner?

“Marco Rubio, Come on Down!”

Oh sorry, I thought it was the price is right program?

Well, when one stops and thinks about it, the choice was hard, giving you must choose from the contestant’s on the stage?

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