Marco “Feel the Burn?”

It is called “KARMA!”

As a Floridian Taxpayer I for one sure want to know?

Inside Marco Rubio’s messy American Express statements

We must keep hounding American Express, Marco Rubio and the Republican Party until we can get an independent party involved not connected with any of the above in order to get to the truth?

After all,

“What Comes Around, Goes Around!”


Isn’t this what Marco Rubio and the Republican Party was trying to do to Hillary?

As a Floridian Taxpayer I for one sure want to know?

Marco Rubio was one of the top instigators pounding on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for so many things that she had no control over because it was not her job description, it was the responsibility of the Pentagon (Military). (her Emails)!

Rubio’s American Express spending first surfaced during the 2010 campaign in reports by the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times

The information released Saturday, first reported by Politico and later distributed by Rubio’s campaign, shows that his personal charges included $3,756 to a tile company, $599 to an auto dealership and $1,745 in hotel and car rental costs in Las Vegas, where Rubio has family.

It’s unclear whether the bulk of late fees and penalties were paid personally by Rubio or by the Florida GOP. Rubio spokesman Todd Harris said, “When Marco was responsible for late fees, he paid them. When the party was responsible because it didn’t make its payments, it paid them.” A Florida GOP spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

The American Express card had been a major perk for Rubio as he rose in prominence in

Florida politics. It was granted to him by the state Republican Party to pay for recruiting candidates, raising campaign donations and other expenses related to his political work.

Things quickly got messy, the records show.

After his first month with the card, Rubio was notified that he had not paid the bill on time. On top of the Feb. 16, 2005, statement, there was an admonition from American Express in bold letters: “Your account is 30 days past due.”

The warning was repeated again on top of the March bill, this time with a delinquency charge of $39.78 added.

The problems with bill paying only worsened in the coming years. For nine consecutive months in 2006 and 2007, the past-due warning appeared at the top of Rubio’s statements. In one month alone, his card was assessed a $388 delinquency fee.

Many of the charges on the card looked like legitimate business expenses — the drumbeat of schmoozing by a rising politician. But he also used the card for expenses large and small that appeared to be more personal, including $10,000 for 20 rooms at a luxury plantation resort.

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