(ISIS on the Ground)

Could I be missing the target?


Could the media with few reporters, if any, ever being close to, let along in a war,

be “Shooting their poison darts and not only missing the target, missing the entire Wall?”


You want boots on the ground?

Strap on your boots?

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump and everyone else pushing a ground war, dust off your boots and step to the front of the line to lead your troops!

Today both our president and the CNN News Media have mentioned dozens of countries that Isis is known to be doing their dirty work in!

How many of these countries have boots on the ground?

We know by what the media is reporting of only two countries,

Syria and Iraq!

Just because this our country has one of the top militaries in the world by no means should mean that we should be fighting on the ground, without first countries in the area on the ground fighting!

This should include but not be the countries sitting back while watching us fight their war?

Countries like Russia, the downed plane, France, no need to explain, Holland calling for boots on the ground, all of the African countries, all of the Arab countries and all of the countries being overrun by the refugees, Isis victims.

Get your boots on?

I agree, we should follow the above countries in their fight on the ground against all terrorists!

However America, haven’t we in this country had enough of wars like the Koran war, the Vietnam war and both of the Bush Families wars and being on the ground alone?

Do we still need to build antiquated tanks and armor vehicles, burn “Dead Dinosaurs” and “Rotten Plants” in today’s world?

Who is really going to profit from our boots on the ground?

Watch the media and learn for yourself.

The Koch Brothers (The Koch family foundations), the Super-Packs and their puppets in our government think that we should, ever wonder why?

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