Obama’s Rejection of Keystone?

What Obama’s Rejection of Keystone Means for the Climate Fight

Please explain to me the thinking behind the following from a writer that should know better?

“A look at America’s history of building pipelines shows just how unusual Obama’s Nov. 6 rejection of Keystone was.

We’ve been building oil pipelines for

150 years

(the first came in the form of wooden gutters built in the 1860s),

yet as a nation we’ve never made much of a hullabaloo over one, save the Alaska pipeline in the 1970s, which was eventually built.

The rejection is even more remarkable considering the number of pipelines in the country:

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are 150,000 miles of oil pipelines in the U.S.

Add gas pipelines and we have more than

1.7 million miles of pipe.”



Are you just trying to sell your book?

Ken Ilgunas Dec. 1, 2015 Ken Ilgunas is the author of Trespassing Across America.

First we should ask all of the citizens of China and India what they now think about their use of Fossil Fuels like coal, oil and gas?


cities on Indian subcontinent as most polluted



Because until the last 20 to 30 years everyone was thinking just as you are still thinking,

“Who cares about the next generation of life, we just want to live and let live!”


Mr. Ken Ilgunas,

Now we as a species, if we care at least about our grandchildren and how they must live, need to grow up and take action while action is still possible!

Are you trying to tell your reading public that just because countries have been doing the wrong things for their people that we the people should just allow these countries to keep on doing the wrong things for its people?

How foolish is the thinking on this?

Mr. Ken Ilgunas, if you go into a cage with those cage fighters and get your clock cleaned time and time again, is your answer to get keep going into their case?



So, with your way of thinking, people are dying and harmed in traffic by the thousands everyday because of our decaying infrastructure, so we should just keep on adding new roads and just keep allowing this to go haywire instead of correcting the problem?

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