In Florida the “N” word is not offensive?

You might find this interesting, at the time I did not!

Did you know that a white man can say the “N” word as long as he is speaking about Christmas Music?


Today while running around shopping I stopped at Wally World, last stop for the day to pick up a few things.

I had 5 items so I was in the last 20 or less line, which by the way is a joke.

All of the sudden I hear in back of me from this “guy,”?

“I wish that they would stop playing that “N Music” until I leave the store it is very offensive!”

Please believe me my friends, I tried so hard to be a good boy!

Alas, I turned around and said,

“I don’t know I kind of like the music, you see, I am a “N”!

He said no, you are not!

So I, as calmly as I possibly could, explained about the underground railroad, my Great Grandmother, the marriage to my Great Grandmother and my tribe up north.

He, seeming to be unfazed, started to give me a half dozen reasons as to what the “N’ means to people in Florida!

I turned and said,

“you should learn to be a little more careful you could be dead!”

“Thank God it is Christmas Time!”

In a few moments time the crowed, all older white women in both checkout isles started cheering and wishing me a Merry Christmas, he on the other hand walked to another check-out!

The women embarrassed me and I was so upset that I still do not know the ‘Good Floridian word’,


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