President Donald Trump/President Hillary Clinton

President Donald Trump

The “Plus Side” of President Donald Trump would be?

The Biggest Drawback” of President Donald Trump would be the hundreds of Trillions of dollars to be spent on building a “Great Wall” around this country if he cannot get our neighbors to pay for it?


Now we see that Ted Cruz wants to also build this wall!

President Trump would get our troops “Booths on the Ground” so that he and any other company CEO with vested interests in war machines can collect all of that taxpayers money that our now president, President Barack Obama refused to allow them to take from us!

President Trump would allow this country to get tangled up in war with many courtiers because of an uncontrollable temper!

President Donald Trump would make sure that there would be no more foolish quickie settlements on the budget just to avoid a government shutdown, because he would give congress everything that they ask for and enjoy the benefits along with them!

The real problem is that he is filled up to his ears with “Donkey Poop?” and the rest is “Toilet Paper?”

President Hillary Clinton

The Plus Side of President Hillary Clinton.

Madam President (President Hillary Clinton), would work extremely hard as always for your country just as she has for most of her life!

The biggest drawback to Madam President would be if the voters did not also clean the two polluted houses of Congress and replace them all with people willing to work as hard if not harder then their president to correct the wrongs of the past corrupted congress.

If not, therefore making this as difficult a job for her to help you with your health, paychecks, place to call home, and wellbeing as it has been for the past 8 years for President Barack Obama and his battles for you with congress?

The choice is obvious and also up to you

the voters in the United Stated of America?

Get out and vote!

Do not allow corrupt towns, cities and states government officials stand in your way, brush them aside and vote!

Remember, the life that you improve could be mine!


A little humor, very little.

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