Senator Bernie Sanders “Did Not Know?”

Bull Poopie!


Wouldn’t even the most naive of my followers wonder how,

(The same day that the site went down),

the staffers of Bernie’s Sanders, knew it and went into Hillary’s date to steal her information?

I mean of course that no staffer hacked into the account to shut it down?

Although the party have proof that his staff has tried no less than 12 times earlier!

Who is Josh Uretsky

(scapegoat)! Former Sanders Campaign Worker?

Sanders campaign blames DNC for staffers’ breach of Clinton data

December 18, 2015

Hours after news broke that the Democratic National Committee had suspended Bernie Sanders Campaign had access to its database of voters because four Sanders staffers had taken advantage of a software glitch to breach Hillary Clinton’s private data, Sanders’ campaign manager threatened to take the DNC to court for “actively attempting to undermine our campaign.”

As I have been saying all year, Bernie is of the old “Do Nothing Political Circle,” of 35 years and now he is going to do what President Obama could not do and pass bills into laws that only congress is allowed to do?

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