Florida bill would preserve bear habitats, reduce conflicts

See, Senator Bernie Sanders?

This is how it works,

senators and representatives, file bills

and get it to the floor for a vote!

They do not wait until deciding to run for president

and then demand that congress

(senators and/or representatives)

pass bills for the president to sign or veto?


Pointing to a lack of coordination between agencies, House Minority Leader Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach, filed a bill Tuesday designed to protect black-bear habitats while reducing conflicts between bears and humans.

The bill (HB 1055)

is filed for the 2016 legislative session and is identical to a measure (SB 1096)

filed earlier by Sen. Darren Soto, D-Orlando.

Bill filed by two minority house members, fat chance on this becoming a law in Florida.

The proposal, in part,

would take steps such as changing schedules for controlled burns in state forests and state parks that include bear habitats.

The changes would be aimed at allowing the growth of oak trees, saw palmettos and other berry-producing plants that provide food for black bears.


the proposal would create a state account with at least $50 million

to help local governments buy bear-resistant garbage containers.

Cities and counties in bear-prone areas would be able to borrow money from the account to buy and distribute the containers to all residents in the areas.


We in Florida must keep reminding our Florida Government Officials


from top to bottom,

they have been selling the rights to remove for sale,

this bear food spoken about in the above statement

to the highest bidders until it is now almost gone!

So, not only to we need to protect this food like the oak trees, saw palmettos and other berry-producing plants, we need to get out there and help replenish the plants?

Side Note!

While we are at it, we need to replant the “Long Leaf Pines”


a heaven for our woodpeckers and song birds and stop their now being ripped out at an unbelievable rate,

also sold the highest bidder by our government officials

from top to bottom!

This is our forest,

until this governor,

untouched by greedy companies


government officials!




pictures of a controlled burn gone wrong


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