President Barrack Obama’s “Key Address Speech!”

Today is President Barrack Obama’s day?

Or is it?

Tonight at 9:00PM he will be giving his “Key Address Speech!”

I just wanted to put that our there because we might forget if we have been listening to the media all day all channels however,

CNN as usual is working the hardest at showing us their true colors


Except for a little news about a bombing, a cry baby wannabe democratic president and a normal lot of trashing of Hillary Clinton hourly, each news channel had been interviewing any republican willing to take the time to find their mike to tell us how bad the speech is going to be and it is not ever close to the hour?

Joe Biden, still upset because of the whipping in the polls he got by Hillary back in 2008.

We are going to record it as usual and watch tomorrow, that way we can cut out the medias constant slamming of their/our president!

President Barrack Obama’s “Key Address Speech!”

In State of the Union, Obama Will Try to Seal Legacy

Obama will look past Congress – and 2016 – in making his final argument to the American people.

Might as well the congress is dead sleeping and has been on vacation for the pest 7 years!

Jan. 12, 2016, at 12:01 a.m.

After seven years of battles with Congress, the White House is hinting that Obama is planning to largely speak past the lawmakers sitting in the House chamber Tuesday night, instead attempting to make his pitch directly to the American people

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