GOP debate winners and losers

Actually the real winner was the Democratic Party


the loser was once again the citizens of this country and the world!

Because nothing was settled as to what, if anything, each would do for you the citizens of this country on any country including Canada for that matter?


Although it is beginning to look as if we cannot make the Canadians take him back? 😦

15 January , 2016

Well let’s hear it from the top?


The three stooges Larry, moe and curly


Hear no Evil?


See no Evil



Speak no Evil


Frick and frack?

Battling for the top spot of the newest TV Comedy Show

The GOP Debate

Top Definition

Frick and Frack

Two people, usually employees of a company,

who are deemed to be incompetent, lazy, or wasting time

continuously by doing things other than working.

“There goes Frick and Frack, to the break room again.”


Two candidates

Fighting over who is better able to

exclude more immigrants

from the country as president?

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