In modern times (Today)

The main difference, there are many, between the three political parties is,

The Democrats are running an Independent-Socialist against two Democrats.

However, the Democrats as well as the Independent-Socialist agree to vote for the one with the most votes from the people.

There are a few differences between the three and even though it goes against everything I have learned from the past, the Independent-Socialist, Rambling, Hothead, is still better than that “Nut-Case!” for that country and Mother Earth!

All twenty-Three, now I guess it is wacked down to a hand fill, counting Bush and Rubio, hate the Donald!

They are all telling the world that they know his faults with damage the country and might even be the start of WW-3!

Even though they all know, that Trump will destroy the country and the world in much less than the four years. e

Each of them will willingly vote for him instead of a Democrat or the Independent-Socialist, Why?

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