Young people of America do you really want change?

Do you really want change?

The January 25th 2016 Democratic Primary in Iowa.

“I got things done as mayor and governor

that could not be done by a president,

without the permission of Congress!”

Governor Martin Joseph O’Malley

“This is what I want to do,

if only I can get congresses permission to do it!”

Bernie Sanders,

“This is what we did in spite of congress!”

Hillary Clinton

Bernie wants to blow up the system!

Hillary is saying, get real;

first, you must blow up the problem, and then blow up the system!

What Bernie Sanders is not telling you is that we must

‘Weed-Out’ the Crabgrass and Plant Better Seeds!

“Vote out of office,

Governors and Congress,

the people who refuse to give the country

what it is screaming for,

with fresh blood!

In congress

and our state governors

and this cannot be

“Tea Party Nitwits!”

CNN is calling Hillary Clinton the establishment and Bernie Sanders the alternative?

Hillary Clinton was the establishment as

“First Lady” and then again as “Secretary of State”

Bernie Sanders is and always has been the establishment since 1981.

So who is, in reality, the real establishment?

Bernie Sanders is the establishment that he is trying to overthrow?

Hillary Clinton is his alternative to his unsuccessful establishment!

Alisyn Camerota CNN Analyst

First question to Hillary was a young person asking if she is trustworthy.

About her trustworthiness by a young voter

Taylor Gipple an Application Developer said,

“Quite a few people my age think that you are dishonest!”


“I was fighting for young people’s rights since I was your age!”


The young man sat down licking his wounds.

Every answer to a question to Bernie Sanders was

what he would do if only his party held enough of a majority in both

the House of Representative and the Senate

to give him permission to do what he keeps telling to his believing public

that he wants to do?

Experience v. Judgment: Clinton, Sanders vie for pivotal Iowa vote

Ginger Gibson and Steve Holland, Reuters

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Democrats Skirmish One Week before Pivotal Iowa Vote

Author Bill Blare Published January 26, 2016 Comments 0

Sanders, calls for free tuition at public colleges and universities and implementing a single payer health care system that would cover all Americans,

even though he’d raise taxes to pay for the latter proposal.

“Yes, we will raise taxes,” said Sanders, an admission rarely heard in presidential campaigns. “We may raise taxes, but we are going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and businesses.”

Democratic candidates appear at Des Moines forum

Associated Press

Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey, Associated Press

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