Watch Marco Rubio Give

The Same Canned Answer 3 Times In A Row

And then he did it again!

If the media had been paying attention to the Floridians from day one, they would have known just how shallow this youngster really is.

Yes, I am prodigious when it comes to the two people running from Florida,


Oh no they are finally catching on to what we in Florida have known for years.


One of the most heated moments during Saturday’s GOP debate occurred when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called out

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) for giving a

“memorized, 25-second response”

an argument Rubio went on to inadvertently support.

While responding to Christie’s attacks, Rubio gave the same answer three times, repeating,

“Obama knows what he’s doing.”

“There it is,”

Christie said after Rubio made the remark for the third time.

Rubio repeated the comment again later in the debate and was booed.

Watch a clip of the moment above.

Amber Ferguson contributed to this report.

This might sound like anger and in a way it is, only with facts to back it up.


Marco Rubio floated in on a wave behind the Tea Party storm,

and then hid in the swamps of Miami,

while pretending to be a friend of John Ellis (Jeb) Bush.


Just long enough to learn a little in order to sneak into the senate race with the help of a republican, tea party, controlled congress of Florida.

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