Governor Christie had my vote, until

We Floridians love it when you and anyone

else call Senator Marco Rubio

(and I use the word Senator lightly),

out for the shallow, sneaky, person, that we already know him to be.

Chris, if only you had stopped there?

However, if you what to pick on

your president,

you must first do your homework and not keep regurgitating

the same old lies as your republican friends?

Chris Christie on ABC this morning said that,

“If he is elected he is going to change the direction of this country after the first term Senator Barrack Obama, won in 2008.”

He, Governor Chris Christie said, “Since that election, the country has been going downhill for the last 7 years.”

I say,

“Is it any wonder that he, Governor Chris Christie, had no idea

that the bridges were closed in his state back during his election,


he seems to be having a hard time seeing things as they really

have been for the last 7 years.”

President Barrack Obama and his

‘minority party’

(the Democratic Party)


has been kicking and pulling Governor Chris Christie’s

Majority Party,

while they have been

Kicking and screaming,


from the deep quagmire, quicksand, hole,

that his,

‘Governor Christie’s’

“Majority party”

President dug this country into in his,

President George W. Bush 8 years in office.


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