Obama throws shade at Bernie and his supporters

Bernie Sanders only foreign policy experience so far is

“She voted for the war,

I did not!”

The Republican Party is going to eat him up and spit him out

if he ever has to face anyone of them!

“When Senator Bernie Sanders has to

“Think on his Feet, he Stinks at it!”

On Thursday night,

Sanders had a second


I’m-against-it play:

Henry Kissinger.

He attacked Clinton, out of the blue,

for having touted the mentorship of Kissinger, a Republican former secretary of state

under Richard Nixon hated by liberals for his role in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere.

“I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend.

I will not take advice from Henry Kissinger,”

Sanders said.

Clinton, looking a little surprised,

had a ready comeback that cast doubt on Sanders’ qualifications

on foreign policy,


“Well, I know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy,

and we have yet to know who that is.”

In a clear reference to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters,

President Obama told CBS in a Tuesday interview

that sometimes voters let their “passion” do the picking for them,

instead of using reason.

“In an interview with CBS, President Barack Obama admitted that he was surprised by the rise of presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders. But that surprise only goes so far, he said, because at this point in the electoral process,

voters are behaving more passionately than practically.

The pre-recorded interview aired on Tuesday.”


Obama has made it clear he prefers Clinton over Sanders.

If I were Sanders

I would not respond to Obama,

lest his paltry support among African-American voters sinks further.

Oh, go ahead Bernie, give it your best shot!




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