Women on the front lines in Syria


You’re messing with a woman’s body and/or her children?

You had better, “Run man Run!”

If I were the ‘Bad Guy’ I would re-think the battle and leave the war!

All Female Brigade Fighting in Syria

Women of the “Mother Aisha” brigade fighting in Syria

A female member of the “Mother Aisha” battalion receives instruction as she holds a rifle during military training in the Salaheddine district of Aleppo, Syria.

This battalion, part of the Free Syrian Army, provides aid and security in addition to being a full military unit. The women who make up this force not only operate as fighters on the Old Aleppo frontline, but are also in charge of two medical field hospitals for injured fighters and a police station for women detainees.

Credit: Loubna Mrie/Reuters


Syria’s Female Rebels: The Islamist Aleppo Brigade Fighting Assad’s Forces

Their faces covered by black masks, bodies clad in thick camouflage and tightly holding their kalashnikovs, it is only the eyes that reveal these young Syrian fighters are women.

In the Salahaldin neighborhood of Aleppo, young women are taking to the streets as one of the few full female fighting units, calling themselves the “Al Mouminin Aisha”, named after the wife of the Prophet Mohammed.

The women, many of whom are teenagers or mothers of young children, fight under the banner of the Al-Tawhid Brigade, a 13-strong unit of the Free Syria Army in Syria’s largest city.


There are roughly 5,000 Syrian women involved in either fighting or military logistics for the rebels, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group aligned with the opposition.

The head of this Aleppo unit, Um Mohammed, is a mother of four children and the wife of a Free Syrian Army soldier also fighting in Salahaldin neighbourhood.

She decided to take protection into her own hands and pick up a rifle in hopes of defending her neighborhood from regime attacks and crimes against women such as rape that have been on a rise since fighting began.

Um Mohammed set strict criteria for accepting new members in the female unit; any new member should be a female Muslim rebel from Aleppo who fulfills her prayers and all other religious duties and has a good reputation.

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