Why would the Donald hide his Tax returns?

21 questions he needs to answer to his voters!

David Cay Johnston

21 Questions For Donald Trump

July 10, 2015


21 Questions for Donald Trump

I’ve covered Donald Trump for 27 years. Here are some questions for him.

By David Cay Johnston / The National Memo

July 10, 2015


David Clay Johnson investigative reporter


“21 for Donald Trump”

I know that you wish to ignore Bernie Sanders,

20 issues (Impossible Dreams), for you!

I know that in this age of massive crimes against indigenous people, women, the young and elderly, you wish

to forget Bernie Sanders, “women sex dreams!”


I know that you do not care about what Bernie Sanders did polluting a complete indigenous town in Texas,

with his Vermont Nuclear Fuel,

because it is not happening to you!


I know that you do not care that, just like, The Donald,

he is a bully when you do not agree with him!


However, before you vote for Donald Trump,

you might want to get answers to just what,

based on his money past,

he will really do with your tax money!

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