“Hillary Clinton email scandal” is a sham!

By Bill Palmer | September 13, 2015


This countries ruling political party is so afraid that another real caring president will, with the help of a true and honest, Supreme Court, plus the past accomplishments of President Barrack Obama, be able to exposé them for what they are.

That they have been and will continue to do whatever they can, by hook or by crook, to keep Hillary Clinton, out of the Whitehouse!

If you cannot stop progress by telling the truth, lie, cheat, and steal, a fake truth.

Why not, it has been working for them in the past.

The latest domino to fall, USA Today, may be the turning point at which the entire faux-controversy dies down, with the national newspaper acknowledging yesterday that Clinton has in fact been cleared by investigators.

And yet we keep on seeing it coming up and going back down, so many time this election season, that every past president, may they rest in peace after this election, rolling around in their graves, with their arms out, hands at the ready, to be wrap around the necks in a choke hold.

To choke every Super Pac, and their pet puppets, until they are also rolling around!


USA Today admits “Hillary Clinton email scandal” is a sham!

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