April as Confederate History Month

This is Florida don’t ya know?

Marion County commissioners proclaim April as Confederate History Month

Updated: Apr 6, 2016 – 6:26 PM

The southern States (Slave States)

were farming states


wanted to keep it that way.

Farming states with slave labor, the northern states were industrial states, southern states could have also been industrial states if they wanted.

They did not want to have manufacturing or industry, they wanted things to stay

(Status quo)

At this time in the history of the country, slaves, like the Native Americans, were treated lower than their animals.

Chain of command,

Men, hunting pets, horses, women, pets, slaves, Native Americans.



There were a number of reasons why the Southern States wanted to leave. A few of the major reasons were:

State rights – The leaders in the South wanted the states to make most of their own laws. In the North, people wanted a stronger national government that would make the same laws for all the states.

Slavery – Most of the Southern states had economies based on farming and felt they needed slave labor to help them farm. The North was more industrialized and much of the North had made slavery illegal. The South was afraid that the Northern states would vote to make slavery illegal in all the states.

Western States – As there were more and more western states added to the growing United States, the Southern states were worried that this would mean less power and voting rights.

Abraham Lincoln – When Abraham Lincoln was elected president, it was the final straw for the Southern states. Lincoln was against slavery and wanted a strong federal government, two things the South did not agree with.

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