A Bully will back down to a ‘Bigger Bull’!


How America and the rest of the world, Should Respond to China’s Moves in the South China Sea?

In my humble opinion, the only thing a ‘Bully’ will ever understands and fear would be matching,

(Power to Power)!

Every war from the beginning of time has been started by a country with a military, wanting your country and if or when you blink, the bully country will try to take it.


Russia, remember the 2nd world war?





The Sasanian (Iran) Empire

The Egypt Empire

The Assyrian Empire

The Roman Empire

The 1948 Arab–Israeli War



Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders

Just to name a few, there are thousands more in recorded history, will humans ever learn?

Every country in the world with a military must show this and any Bully Country just what will happen if it does not crawl back onto its own borders!


US To Counter China’s Harrowing South China Sea Moves

Apr 7, 2016

China is testing political powers across seas as it becomes aggressive over its territorial ambitions. According to the United States, Beijing is becoming the most aggressive nation in the region with many analysts cracking down on the country’s true agenda.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that Beijing’s initiatives in the South China Sea region render it the most belligerent nation in Asia as of the moment. China’s aggression has prompted interventions from other countries like the United States. Even Australia has started participating in military war games in the Philippines.

“By far and away over the past year China has been the most aggressive,” Sputnik quoted Carter when he spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“We are reacting as part of the rebalance unilaterally,” added Carter.

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