Trump Rails Again, Against ‘Rigged, Crooked System’

Crooked CNN is Kissing Butt with Crooked Trump Again!


I once caught a fish this big!

CNN, only to be beat out by all of the

Fox News Networks,

is the lowest of low life

when it comes to putting

“Crooked Money”

before their Viewers!

For instance

Every news outlet knows that if they show too much favoritism

towards the only candidate

(Hillary Clinton),

willing to change

“Voting Money.”

(The Supreme Court removed barriers to corporate political spending

in the 2010 Citizens United case)!

The Koch Brothers enterprise

and other

“Stupid-Pac’s” (Super-Pac’s)

will pull their advertising,

Thousands of products,

from that news company!

The morning after Hillary Clinton kicked Bernie Sanders butt

in an election in


‘as he has been saying’,

own state.

Alisyn Camerota and Michaela Pereira CNN “New Day,”

were marveling about the butt whipping she gave him,

the number of delegates she now has

and the millions more votes she has over him.


Chris Cuomo a CNN anchor jumped in with,

“Will that is just Apples and Oranges!

The women just looked at him in wonderment,

while we, the public

just laughed it off along with the

rest of the foolish statements

that he and been making this election years!

Trump Rails Again Against ‘Rigged, Crooked System’

While Donald Tromp was hard at work, fooling, lying, and bullying the masses.

It did not seem to matter about the rules and regulations set down

at the state by his Republican Party.


This big?

Why, yes

it is really this small!


However, now that people have caught on to this

Crooked Liar.

He is crying like

the spoiled, brat, baby

that we democrats knew him to be!

April 20, 2016By Taegan Goddard33 Comments

After a somewhat restrained victory speech last night in New York, Donald Trump said that Republicans had the worst of

“dishonest” presidential nominating processes in both parties, TPM reports.

Said Trump:

“It’s a rigged, crooked system that’s designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want

and that people like me can’t run

and can’t defend you against foreign nonsense

and can’t defend you against China and Japan and Mexico and Vietnam and India

and every single country you can name, because we lose with every—we lose, believe me, with every deal we do.”

He also reminded the audience of his nicknames

for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), or “Lyin’ Ted,”

and Hillary Clinton, or “Crooked Hillary.”

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