Outsourcing to Ireland on the rise

Outsourcing to Ireland on the rise


Johnson Controls’ taxes trimmed by $150 million a year.

Attention American taxpayers/voters,

this is serious!

Johnson Control’s is only a drop in the bucket so to speak,

there are thousands of other companies doing the same!

“Want to know how to stop,

if not slow down,


As you know, 99% of the products you buy today come from another country.

Politicians keep telling you that we need to buy and sell to other countries and we do.


Countries like China make junk then sell this junk to our companies.

Our companies then raise the price of this junk

and sell to you for a very large profit.

We must get bodies into Congress and the Whitehouse that will actually do their jobs to change and/or improve laws to

(Stop if not Slow)


It is really too bad if a caring president/congress force the 10% of this country to pay their share in taxes just like the other 90%!

You do know that about 90% of congress is in the above 90% paying little taxes?

We can make this happen if we the people stop the fighting/ backbiting

and join together to dump the

(Do Nothing Congress)

and stop the unnecessary outsourcing.


In business,

outsourcing involves the contracting out

of a business process to another party

(compare business process outsourcing).

The concept


came from American Glossary ‘outside resourcing’

and it (outsourcing), dates back to at least 1981.

Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees

and assets from one firm to another, but not always.

Ireland move would trim Johnson Controls’ taxes by $150 million a year


Johnson Controls’ taxes worldwide totaled $600 million in fiscal 2015

An effective corporate tax rate of 18.6%, which it said was kept lower than the U.S. rate because of

“Continuing global tax planning initiatives”

and other actions.

It said Monday it expects the combined company to save $150 million annually in taxes.

And while it still would pay U.S. and Wisconsin taxes on profits it earns in America, some aren’t pleased.

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