Donald Trump’s newest ad!

Donald Trump speaking to Latinos

from his airplane.

You must have notices,

unless you were not near your T V Set

at the time of this ad?


Donald Trump’s newest campaign ad, while speaking from his plane,

he had to constantly check the ‘Note Pad’ at his desk,

while telling you what he plans on doing if he were the president.

You must have also noticed that he danced around saying what he plans on doing with our

immigrant population and the wall along the Mexican border.

For someone who destroyed all of the republican wannabe president hopefuls while saying,

“I never use Teleprompters!”

He now needs notes while facing a worthy competitor!


Hillary Clinton!

While he was battling with his republican competitors


he and they all had

the hockey Pucks

but no net!


Now the Donald must

fish or cut bait!

All he had to do was counter punch their assaults

with a foul mouth and dirty mind.

Now he actually must think a little

and show the world a plan that he never had,

to save our country and the world.

Oh No, Big problem, No Good Plan!


All smell and no poop!

Now we also see the


New, Old workable Plan, of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking from her heart, mind and proven accomplishments,

from 30 plus years of loving, helping and caring, for the country

the world and the inhabitants of the world,

at no time in need of

a note pad

or a Teleprompter.


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