Small hill of wisdom, in a mountain of chaos

Noon News 06/12/2016 Report on the Orlando Shooting.

Finally a small hill of wisdom, in a mountain of chaos today.

Yes, the first responders have been always doing their job!

Not so for the 3rd branch of our government.

The Judicial System!

Or our 1st branch

Legislative Branch of Government

Council member Geraldine Thompson

was the only person in a long line of politicians,

this morning in Florida, with a plan to stop the violence!


Florida Senator Geraldine F. Thompson (D)

“There is no need to take the guns,

we need to update the laws

governing weapons

and who can get them?”


She is going to take her assessment of this crime in Florida,

to Governor Rick Scott,

good luck with that!

Like I said,

Florida is owned by the NRA!





I think that she will have a better chance at having

Donald Trump tell the truth


Governor Scott going against the




Yes, I cleaned it up a little bit from what is going around on Tweeter!

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