Donald Trump and Mike Pence said.


We could end this posting right now,

because we all know,

admitting this or not,

whatever this

‘Two of a Kind’


is subject to questioning!

Alas, let’s check them out just for the fun of it,

“shell we?”

The newest T V ad by the republicans Super-Pac’s of Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Not my wording, in their own words.

Rebuilding America Now is a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 general election.

Are so full of holes.

And why not, look who is behind this circus act of lies and half-truths.


Hillary Clinton has made $22,000,000 in speaking engagements,

who in the political arena hasn’t?

However, it was not for a

“Closed Door Speech, to India.”


It was not about her not being able to stop outsourcing jobs!

Hillary was not

A senator


Not the Secretary of State


A president

And at the time,

no power to start or stop anything while speaking,

so if companies wish to pay millions of dollars to hear a civilian speak,

why not take their money?

Congress has had years of changing laws

(35 years to be more precise),

just to better themselves,

only congress can change laws to correct their greed.

In the second tape,

her husband was found guilty,

the Republican party,

try as they may,

have not found one drop of wrong with her Emails! Because there is nothing to find,


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