Every time Donald Trump burps


Every time Donald Trump burps, breaks wind or writes a tweet,

the main media go bonkers with free coverage.

Every time Clinton does the same,

the main media looks for

a scandal.

Now that my friend,

is fear,

with the focuses on,


Pure and simple, from the media, the 5%, and their Superpac’s!




USA Today


Business Insider




On and on and on we go.

Billions of dollars spent by our countries media.

Just to sell off peoples freedom

to the Crooked Politicians, Congress and their Superpac’s


by those Crooked Media.

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2 thoughts on “Every time Donald Trump burps

  1. CNN is the worst of them all.

    • CNN is the largest so, and please excuse my poor choice of words, Media Outlet, so it has more Super-Pac’s to keep happy, to keep the payola coming into those greedy hands!

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