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When Donald Trump Talks- The Media Jumps!

I know the reason why the Media kiss Donald’s Butt.

T V Stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News.

The stations anchors and reporters will quickly be out of a job if they start,

“Reporting the News in an unbiased and just Manner!”

You must remember that the Media are owned by that 1% to 10%

that is paying hundreds of ‘Super-Pacs

to keep people like the Obama’s and the Clinton’s

out of their way to stealing your hard earner money.



(AP Photo)

[Updated 8/10/16]

Peter Daou is the CEO of BNR.

In the Name of Decency, Stop Tipping the Scale for Trump

Several independent studies have confirmed what is intuitively obvious: Hillary Clinton receives more negative press coverage than Donald Trump.

Mark Halperin,

the ultimate media insider, conceded:

“There’s a deep well of anti-Clinton sentiment in the press.”

The national media are stumped by Trump, seeking false “balance” (and clicks) out of deference to his voters.

Yet somehow, that deference is absent in Hillary’s case;

she and her voters are maligned and marginalized at every turn.

This open letter proposes a solution to the imbalanced coverage.

To the National Media:

I write this letter as a concerned American, a father who fears for his children in the event of a Trump presidency.

And I write it as the CEO of a political media company whose audience

engagement rivals the largest media platforms in the U.S.

On the one hand,

I know most of you understand that Donald is a menace to America


that Hillary is the only plausible president in the race.

On the other hand, I recognize that you feel compelled to appear even-handed in a misguided quest for “balanced” reporting.

And so you twist yourselves into rhetorical pretzels trying to legitimize his unhinged behavior.

How else to explain this NY Times headline?

I could go on, but you get the point.

Here’s the bottom line:

With Donald inviting the assassination of his opponent,

calling President Obama the “founder of ISIS,”

attacking a Gold Star mother,

calling on Russia to hack us,

toying with a Purple Heart,


displaying a total lack of preparedness for the office he seeks,

you are facing an ethical dilemma like no other.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

Donald’s ghostwriter,

Tony Schwartz —

who knows him a lot better than you or I do —

explains the stakes:

“I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

You can’t just keep pretending that Donald and Hillary are equivalent.

They’re not.

Nor can you insist that their unfavorable ratings are remotely comparable.

One candidate is a dedicated public servant who is smeared and lied about simply for existing.

The other is a bloviating buffoon who lacks the most basic common decency.

One candidate is trusted and respected by the most accomplished people in the world.

The other is an intolerant and dangerous bully who is toxic to his own party and mocked across the globe.

Now here’s the staggering reality:

You give Donald better coverage.

Yes, you do.


Look at this recent chart from Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.

Let that sink in.

The candidate who wallows in bigotry,

who incites violence, who verbally abuses his critics,

who is a self-avowed threat to the free press,

gets more positive coverage than his opponent.

It is an astonishing thing.

If you’re worried that you’ll alienate millions of Republicans by telling the truth about how dangerously ill-prepared Donald is for the presidency,

my advice is simple:

Be fair to him in the same way you’re “fair” to Hillary —


by doing your best to undermine his candidacy and destroy his public image.

And if you think your ratings will suffer by covering both candidates equally,

consider the fact that her millions of supporters will flock to anyone who has the guts to report on her without the usual cynicism.

That’s not conjecture.

As the author of one of the most shared political articles of 2016

(490,000 shares and counting),

I know for a fact that unfiltered reporting on Hillary and her enthusiastic supporters is a path to success.

There’s a hunger for fair-minded coverage of Hillary.


I say this respectfully:

get your act together and start covering Donald the same way you cover Hillary —

with dripping disdain, boundless skepticism and utter indifference to his voters.

Stop acting so mystified by his obnoxious behavior.

Stop pondering if he magically lives outside the normal rules of politics.

He doesn’t.

He’s just a blowhard who knows you won’t cover him with the same contempt you reserve for Hillary.

So far, he’s been right.

You have fewer than 100 days to show us your humanity,

prove him wrong, and save your country from a demagogue.

(AP Photo)

[Updated 8/10/16]


Peter Daou is the CEO of BNR.

Peter Daou is a former adviser to

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry


a veteran of two presidential campaigns.

He is the CEO of BNR.

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  1. CNN and MSNBC ….. these two are the worst, most especially CNN

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