How not to stump the Trump

How not to stump the Trump

How to make sure that Donald Trump comes out of the Monday faceoff (Debate), as the winner?

I mean other than


the three monkeys



their two adopted misfits

giving their usual stupid reasons.

Ask him only questions that he can answer in as few words as possible for him to answer.

Make sure that only Trump backers are asking the questions.

While giving Hillary Clinton only Email questions.


Why not, it is the only reason ‘the Donald’ is still in politics.

How to make sure that Hillary Clinton comes out of the debate, (faceoff), as the winner?

Ask only questions that are proven to make the country and the citizens of the country, a better place to live in and listen to her proven record of accomplishment of her lifetime of serving the country.

Make sure that the moderators are truly proven fair and just representatives of the truth.

Allow only real questions about what is important to the people, country and the world from the audience.

Dump the one-liner zingers that are only meant to hurt rather that help our country and her citizens

No ‘Deplorables’ no signs from either party, allowed in the building at all of the debates!


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