Separation of State and Church!


Separation of State and Church!

A little play on words on my part.


Senator Marco Rubio

seems to

believe in

(Separation of Church and State).


he does not

believe in

(Separation of State and Church)!


Senator Marco Rubio (a Catholic),


preaches church law into State Law,

if it is convenient for him.


whan applying

State Laws to Catholic Law,

he is silent.

Why you might ask?

Because there are no reference

in his

‘Catholic Bible’


any other religion

for that matter to


There are many,




might be


references that any politician

can twist and turn

into their own demands on women!

Found as the only proof in their bible.

“As leaders of the Catholic community in the United States,

we acknowledge our right and responsibility

to help establish laws and social policies

protecting the right to life of unborn children,

providing care and services for women and children,

and safeguarding human life

at every stage and in every circumstance. ”

Catholic Bible can’t be used to argue against abortion

because nowhere in the Bible does it state that abortion is wrong and that life begins at conception.

How do I respond?

There is no response to a (Oxymoron Statement).

This is a Catholic statement about abortion.

Though we don’t find the word abortion mentioned in any biblical text,

we can deduce from Scripture,

not to mention natural law, reason,

Church teaching,


patristic witness

that abortion is intrinsically evil.

On abortion, consider these Scripture passages:

Job 10:8, Psalms 22:9-10, Psalms 139:13-15, Isaiah 44:2, and Luke 1:41.

This is an answer to the statement.

Job 10:8 – King James Bible Job talking to God.

Psalm 22:9-10 ESV King David  talking with God.

Psalm 139:13-15 NLT King David talking with God.

Isaiah 44:2 – Bible Gateway Isaiah talking to God.

Luke 1:41.

Luke 1:41 NIV – Bible Gateway

Luke 1:41

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb,

and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

John the Baptist is only a month older than the (Human Jesus),

so that makes perfect sense

this baby is ready to hit the ground running for the Lord!


Maybe all of their  bible quotes are in reality, Catholic Cadacahim quotes?

Catholic Bible

I did spend a few of my younger years going to a Catholic School ‘study group’.


I believe, that one might be able to find abortion in a Catholic Cadacahim?


Remember also, the body is the covering of the soul.

However, this soul has the right to choose which god it serves.

Just as you have, the right to choose who you serve.

Accept the word of God or the word of the under-world!

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